Black Flags Welcome AAP’s First Rally in Congress’ home Turf Amethi; Shukla Attacks AAP leader Vishwas

Hats off to Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) courage that its leader Kumar Vishwas challenged Congress at its home turf in Amethi in Uttar Pradesh where the Congress Party has been winning since years. State for Parliamentary Affairs’ Minister Rajeev Shukla lambasted Kumar Vishwas and said that it seems AAP could not think beyond Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi.

Shukla said that people of Amethi has been seeing Rahul as their leader since years and are happy. Speaking from national capital New Delhi, Shukla said that Rahul’s victory was guaranteed, adding that when the election results would come out and parties across the political spectrum would know the truth.

Shukla’s comments came in response to a public rally Kumar Vishwas, 43, called in Amethi on Sunday. Referring to a lunch invitation accepted by Rahul Gandhi, Vishwas alleged that the Congress vice president is seeking votes of Dalits by visiting their homes. He stated that Rahul’s gesture would not free Dalits of their miseries, as eating at one Dalit’s house would not solve anything.

In spite of Congress’ reign in Amethi since years, AAP leader Vishwas said that the party was responsible for region’s poor infrastructure where only 20% of roads were constructed under the Centre’s scheme. He alleged that Congress was not interested in solving people’s problems and attacked the party for its dynasty politics. Challenging Rahul, Kumar Vishwas said that people of Amethi would soon crush his arrogance in the upcoming general elections. He also criticized Sonia Gandhi for her frequent foreign visits for medical treatment, arguing that if she could not trust Indian doctors (sons), how could she hand over a constituency to her son Rahul – what a comparison!

However, it was only a folly that black flags and rotten eggs welcomed Kumar Vishwas in Amethi in the AAP’s first rally in the state, where the party was keen on winning all 80 seats.

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A stand in politics by blaming what others have not done, had they been a genuine team, they would surely focus on what they can.

This reminds me of Mother Teresa’s positive words when she said,

“If you call me in an anti-war rally, I shall not come, but if you call me on a peace rally, I shall surely be.