Glassdoor Negative Reviews

If Glassdoor is limiting your ability to attract the best employees then head over to the search engine reputation management company and they will be able to help you out with this issue. When people are looking for jobs and they have a lot of experience, they will always ask people about what it is like to work at a certain organization. The problem with this is not everyone has worked at many locations yet alone knows someone who has worked there, therefore these individuals will seek online reviews. The places that these job searchers will look for is on a Google search to be sure that there are no review there, Glassdoor and some even look on Yelp to see how others perceive that company. After all, you don’t want to use all of your talent when the company is one of the worst ones to work for.

Glassdoor is a great tool for those seeking a new job opportunity but, they can also have a negative impact on the Human Resource Managers job. The Human Resource Manager’s in any organization are there to attract the top talent and recruit them to join their company. Problem is how are you supposed to recruit the top employees when you have horrible reviews especially from former employees. When a highly experience and educated individual is looking for a job, they will of course be one to get many interviews as well as job offers yet they will pick a company that actually has the better reviews even though the salary is a little lower. Obviously everyone wants a good salary, but most people today would prefer a better atmosphere and work environment to work for than one that simply pays them more. Recruiting can also be very difficult for companies who don’t have the best products to sell even though they are making millions if not billions a year. This is definitely something to consider for most companies when they are looking to hire the best employees.